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This is a treat for us as this is a Mars UFO video which we've never seen before and this is just amazing. The UFO in this Mars Rover video seems to come flying up an ancient river bed and then it absolutely stops just when it gets in front of the Mars Rover because I think it has either spotted the Rover or it's scans have picked up a metallic. Did NASA’s Curiosity Rover Spot a crashed UFO on Mars or is it just debris? Did a former NASA worker see men on Mars back in 1979? And, is there men right now on Mars keeping the rovers clean? Six Other NASA Workers Saw Two Humans On Mars According to Jackie, at least six other NASA workers saw the two humans walking on the red planet’s.

Mars Rover Snaps High Definition Image Of UFO Alien Craft NASA snaps something 'artificial' on Mars begging the question who or what put it there A crystal clear high def image taken on Mars by the NASA Curiosity Rover appears to show something artificially-made on the Red Planet, it has been claimed in a furious online debate. If this is the same UFO which it looks like it is to me, as it has that exact same shape which by the way is the typical look that most people probably think a UFO looks like and it is caught by the Mars Rover actually at different places but spying on it. Here we are once again, with another NASA anomaly about the Mars Rover discovering a giant spoon. The days of normal everyday discoveries coming out of NASA's headquarters are well gone. All NASA keeps on discovering is weird anomalies - one after the other. It's all I hear about, instead of "the science" I only really hear about the strange. 23/04/2019 · Life on Mars? 'Alien face' in NASA rover photo is 100 percent PROOF of UFO activity AN ALIEN face photographed by NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover is “100 percent proof” of alien UFOs roaming the Red Planet, according to a prominent UFO researcher.

UFO hunter Scott C Waring, who runs UFO blog Sightings Daily, is one of many conspiracy theorists who they believe that Mars hosted an ancient alien civilization. Waring is convinced that the surface of Mars is strewn with alien structures, remains and technologies. Curiosity is a car-sized rover designed to explore the Gale crater on Mars as part of NASA’s ongoing mission to explore the Red Planet. Since Curiosity landed on Mars in 2012, the rover has covered almost 13 miles on Mars and revealed evidence of water on Earth’s nearest neighbour. But a well-known alien life conspiracy []. 06/12/2017 · If a picture is worth 1,000 words, how much are two pictures worth, especially if they show an odd-looking, allegedly descending light heading to the surface of Mars? These are real pictures, taken by the Curiosity rover -- some reports say it took place on June 23, but according to information on.

28/06/2017 · Some UFO enthusiasts have even jumped on the image, claiming it is an alien spacecraft, and possible proof of intelligent alien life, reports the Daily Star. There have been countless other rover pictures put forward by alien chasers amid claims they show ruins, fossils, or even live creatures on Mars, but most have appeared to be just odd-shaped rocks. 09/07/2019 · NASA proof of aliens? Did NASA photograph a flying bird on Mars? UFO expert stunned NASA’S Curiosity Mars Rover has photographed an unexpected anomaly amid the Red Planet’s rocky surface – an terrestrial bird seemingly in flight, which a UFO expert claims could be proof Curiosity is not on Mars.

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